Review changes, resolve conflicts

Introducing a new merge tool for macOS.

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JuxtaCode 3-way merge tool with its repository window behind.

Works With Your Repository

Open your Git repo to view commits, branches and conflicted files.

A JuxtaCode window showing a repository's commits and the diff of the selected commit.
JuxtaCode's commit list sidebar.

Browse Commits

Browse your repo's full history. Conflicting commits are helpfully labeled as OURS and THEIRS, making it easy to see which changes led to the conflict.

JuxtaCode's side-by-side comparison view of two commits.

Compare Branches

Select 2 commits to quickly compare their changes side-by-side.

CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in complete-works/complete-works.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
Auto-merging complete-works/Shared/Model/Model.swift
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in complete-works/Shared/Model/Model.swift
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.
> juxta_

Command Line Integration

Launch diffs and merges right form the terminal with the juxta command line tool.

Untangle tricky merges

Make light work of complex conflicts with the 3‑way merge tool.

JuxtaCode's 3-way merge tool.

Dynamic Highlighting

Word-level changes are highlighted. And the highlighting even updates as you type!

JuxtaCode's workspace view showing a list of conflicted files.

Manage Conflicts

The workspace view lets you choose how to resolve each file. You can also unresolve files if you need a do-over.

Compare & merge text files

(It's not just about Git…)

JuxtaCode window showing a list of files and a side-by-side comparison of two of the files.
Five python files being dragged into a JuxtaCode comparison window.

Open, drag, paste…

Open any file or paste text to start a comparison.

The 'New Merge' toolbar item of a JuxtaCode comparision window.

Merge Any Text

You can start a 3-way merge session from any file comparison.

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JuxtaCode's 3-way merge tool, opened from a conflicted file in Visual Studio Code.

Integrate with Visual Studio Code

Switch easily from VS Code to JuxtaCode whenever you need to resolve a conflict.

JuxtaCode's icon, a plus symbol and a generic app icon with a question mark.

Integrate with Your App

Got a macOS app you want to integrate with JuxtaCode? There's a Swift package for that!