Integrate with Fork

To integrate with Fork, make sure you’ve run the juxta installer:

🛠️ Installing juxta

How you install juxta depends on the version of JuxtaCode you have…

Select menu item JuxtaCode → Command Line Tool… and click Install…

📦 Download and run the juxta installer.

Then in Fork, Go to Settings -> Integration and set both Merge Tool and External Diff Tool to Custom.

Screenshot showing Fork’s settings

For each setting, click Edit… and enter the following:

Merge Tool

  • File Path: /usr/local/bin/juxta
  • Arguments: _mergetool --base $BASE --local $LOCAL --remote $REMOTE --merged $MERGED

External Diff Tool

  • File Path: /usr/local/bin/juxta
  • Arguments: compare $LOCAL $REMOTE